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baked mac 'n cheese 2Several weeks ago, along with the rest of the Midwest, we were hit by pretty heavy snow storm, with approximately 20 inches of wet snow (no joke!). With our luck, our snow-blower died before we could barely clear off  our driveway.  My poor husband went to borrow our neighbor’s snow blower to try to finish up, but the snow was so wet that he ended up having to do a lot of shoveling. He was probably outside for almost three hours just clearing off the driveway so that we could get our vehicle out the following day for work.  We had to scramble to find a snow plowing service, as well as someone who could fix the snow-blower. Blah, it was so stressful; we didn’t end up leaving the house at all (not even to pick up groceries) that weekend. Since we were all pre-occupied by the snow and how to clear off the driveway, I decided to make this creamy macaroni and cheese. I was lucked out that I had all of the ingredients ready in the house (which doesn’t happen too often). Nothing really says comfort food like a bowl of creamy and cheesy pasta with lots of garlic bread on the side.

baked mac 'n cheeseI’ve been having a heck of time keeping up with cooking in general, so this recipe really fits like an ideal meal since it is pretty simple and makes two batches. The added bonus is that it actually freezes pretty well. I love the addition of crunchy panko on the top, while our kids didn’t really care for it, so I left a little portion of the casserole without the panko. While the recipe also provides an option for you to bake and serve right away without any waiting time, I suggest that you don’t bake this right away, since the pasta will be pretty runny . You can make it the night before and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator, and it will have a better consistency. I hope everyone is staying warm; and I know that I’m ready for the first sign of spring to peak.

cinni buns 2Have you gotten hit by the Cupid arrows yet? I know it’s a little corny, but I’m seeing red every where and I love it. It makes me smile. I love seeing last-minute shoppers leafing through Valentine cards in the grocery store isles. And I’m guessing that those isles will be a lot more crowded tonight and tomorrow. This morning, my daughter gave Valentines to her teachers at school as soon as she arrived at her school. She trotted around like a mother hen, handing out these Valentines like it was a little magic in a box. She was met with kind and sweet embraces from her teachers. She then whispered to me: “They were so happy to get those Valentines Mommy.” It warms my heart, and I couldn’t help but responded: “Of course! They appreciated that you thought of her. That’s a way for you to thank them for taking care of you. Don’t you love it when someone thinks of you?” She nodded.

cinni buns

I don’t have a big fancy plan for Valentine’s this weekend.  My husband and I are going out for a Pho lunch this afternoon, without the kids, since that’s the type of meal that we just can’t enjoy with the kids. I’m looking forward to it since we don’t get to do it very much. These cinnamon rolls are also going to make a rare appearance at breakfast tomorrow morning. These big, warm, and fluffy rolls lathered in sweet and tangy cream-cheese frosting is surely a treat that we don’t make very much; so I always save these for special occasions, like Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter or birthdays. Since the process of making homemade cinnamon rolls is pretty time consuming, I’m glad that I was able to find a recipe that actually requires me to let the dough rest overnight. You can significantly shave off a significant amount of time in the morning by prepping this the night before, and then all you need to do is get these rolls out 30 minutes before you bake them in the oven. You’re basically an hour away from homemade cinnamon rolls. Whatever your plan is for this weekend, I hope it’s something that you love to do with those that you love.

roasted cauliflowers 2 With Valentine’s Day being a week away, I thought that we should talk about Valentine’s Day menu. As much as I can recall, I was never the girl who needed to go out to dinner with her special someone on Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, as I was writing this post, I was thinking that I never actually went out to dinner on the actual Valentine days. Do I like getting roses on Valentine’s Day? Of course I do. But not more or less than getting roses on any other days. My hubby always tells our mutual friends that I’m actually a closet introvert, meaning that I really just prefer a very small group of friends, which is the complete opposite of what everyone thinks that I am.

roasted cauliflowers An ideal way for celebration would to be have a special dinner at home, with every single dish being completely planned and thoughtfully paired with one another. I really love this Simple Roast Chicken with Sage and Garlic or Pan-Seared Steak with Red Wine as the main meal, and maybe Roasted Potatoes and vegetables, like this Roasted Cauliflower with very yummy dessert. The best part about roasting vegetable is that you have very little active time at the beginning, then you just throw them onto a pan, roast it, and you have time to finish the rest of the meal. This one is super simple, because I just cut up the cauliflower, cube the pancetta, toss them together, and bake. Voila!

oatmeal cookies 2

Happy First Day of February!! How did we end up to be in the second month of the year already? I’ve been busy sorting, organizing, and de-cluttering our house, thus you’d notice the lack of blog post. We’ve been living in our house for almost four years now, and I joked that we finally started putting up our windows treatment. Since I moved to Iowa for a job almost nine years ago, I’ve basically moved every three years for a new job. You’d think that I’d be a pro in decorating our house by now. I had put off a bunch of small projects for a long time, and decided that we just needed to work on them this month.

oatmeal cookies

Now… on to these cookies. I made these cookies a couple of weekends ago when the weather was deadly cold. The wind chill was so cold that I think they said that you only need to be exposed to it for 15 minutes before you get frostbite; so I decided to stock up our freezer with cookie dough. What do you do when you crave for homemade cookies, but also want to feel like you’re eating something healthy? You make Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I always justify that since oatmeal and raisin are both very good and healthy ingredients, these cookies are actually good for you! Since we’re going to be snowed in again this weekend, it looks like a good day to enjoy freshly baked cookies. This recipe is simple, it’s intended to highlight the juicy raisins and oatmeal. A little bit of spices added some warmth tone to the cookies. They’re great with a big cup of coffee, or hot cocoa. Have a great Sunday!

healing salveAlmost a year ago or so, a friend of mine dropped off a small beautiful-jelly canning jar of what looked like a homemade cream at my desk. She told me that it was a diaper cream. It was beautiful green and I really didn’t think much of it, until I started using it. I quickly noticed that it worked better than the “extra” and “maximum” strength store-bought version that I was using at that time. I reached out to her and asked her what was in it, and then she told me what it was: all-purpose healing salve, that can be used to sooth irritation skins or even hair gel!

healing salve 2
I started using this cream on my son’s eczema prone-skin, and his bums when they look irritated; and I was very pleased how quickly it heals the skin. I  love that majority of the ingredients were organic and natural and I knew exactly what was in it. Since I had already stocked up on store-bought creams, I didn’t make this cream right away. I used my gift jar very sparingly, only when I felt like I needed it. I finally had the opportunity to make them when I was home this Christmas. I made a ton of them to hopefully last me a year or so. I made two versions of this salve (although both are intended for calming skin worries). While this is not a food-related post, I wanted to share this with my readers since I know some of you would find this pretty useful.

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