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Flour Brownies
Our kids had room changes this past week. While this wasn’t the first room change that the kids experienced, my little one Liam only experienced one room change when he was five months old, and he barely knew what was going on at that time. He had been with the same caregivers for almost a year. I dreaded last week and I kept on worrying it about it over the weekends. Sure enough, the first two days were a little rough. They had to literally peel his little hands off my shoulders at drop off, and he screamed bloody murder. I had to run off and not looked back. He really bonded with his previous teachers, and understandably, the change was a little traumatic. The next two were a little less painful, he gave us very dirty look but no tears. Finally, on Friday, he smirked a little smile, and wanted a little snuggle before I left. I knew that I was always to be a working mother, but I have to say that no matter how long I have been a mother, the drop off continues to suck. It is a little easier with my older daughter, since I know that she enjoys interacting with her friends, but the little one is always tough. Liam still likes spending time with us. Then, of course with the room changes,  we had the naps change. Yes, apparently my daughter doesn’t get a nap time anymore in her new room, just a “rest-time”. So while she tells everyone that she doesn’t like nap, she still needs a nap. With my little one, he now had to transition to one nap. I figured that with my older daughter not getting any rest at school, she would be tired more and fall asleep easier. Well, she was a little grouchy. I was just glad that this last week was over with. I’m ready now to start with a shorter week next week. I made this brownies for a little celebration treat with the week ended. While I love the intense chocolate flavor of this brownie, I really categorized this brownie in the “cakey” category. So this was a very intense chocolate cake. After this recipe though, I think I have officially declared myself as a “fudgey” brownie person.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

fresh straw froyo As a mom, I’m pretty generous with my kiddoes when it comes to treats. I didn’t really grow up eating lots and lots of sweets, but I always craved them, and gobbled them up whenever they were available. Ice creams, cakes, cookies and anything baked were definitely luxurious items for us kids. I grew up eating fresh sliced fruits, like papayas and star fruits. Cakes, ice-creams and doughnuts were just once or twice type of treats. While my kids don’t get sweets daily, I definitely allow them to indulge on the weekends. I noticed that with my daughter, she’d actually stop eating, even ice-cream when she’s full. She’d walk away and tell me that she has enough. Not a bad trait to learn early on :)
fresh straw froyo 2
As soon as I was on my own, and was able to basically fill up my own refrigerator, one of my absolute indulgences is ice-cream. Even during a period of my life, when I was 20 something, counting calories and spending 2-3 hrs per day working out, I ate ice-cream. I might not have butter, soda pops, or potato chips in my house, but I always had several flavors of ice-creams in my freezer.  Instead of going for the full-fat ice cream, I started venturing out to the low-fat version, the no-sugar version (yikes! Just yikes!), and some other “healthier” version. That’s also when I started eating low-fat frozen yogurt. As soon as both of my kids turned one, I couldn’t wait to share the wonderful world of frozen treats. This was one of the first frozen treats that I made for my daughter as soon as she turned one. I have used whole milk and reduce fat plain yogurt, and both turned out successfully. I have not tried it with the fat-free version, but my guess is that it would work out just fine, it would just be less creamy. I was pretty happy to follow the suit and shared this with my son as soon as he also turned one this past May. Strawberries have been in abundance and beautiful this summer, so I was able to make several batches of this treat to enjoy this summer.

blueberry scones 2Blueberries have been on sale left and right at my grocery store, that I just had to make scones with them.  And this one, was probably the best one that I have tried to make at home. They were not very sweet, but full with blueberries, without the streaking that usually happen on scones or muffins, and are covered in sweet sanding sugar. These are even better since they can be prepared ahead of time and frozen, which is a huge timesaver for our family. Weekend mornings are getting a little hard to plan for anymore. I’m always torn between serving something quick for breakfast so we can get going and take the kids to do fun outdoor activities, or starting it the day a little slower with a homemade breakfast. We took the day off yesterday since our daycare center was closed for room changes. Instead of going to Minneapolis, we decided to stay in town instead and maybe check out the Iowa State fair, which we have never been to… (yep, kind of weird,  I know, since we’ve been living in Iowa for about 8 years now). I mean, who doesn’t love greasy fatty food on a stick, right? :-) blueberry scones Unfortunately, we woke up to a pretty gloomy day, and then the rain started pouring in, and it didn’t really stop all day.  I also must have caught some sort of virus in the middle all of this, so I had a terrible body ache and low-grade fever that I tried to kick. I’m all about rolling in with the punches, but neither one of us really was up to taking two kids with a stroller, to a potentially very muddy setting which will require a lot of cleaning up afterwards. Plus now that I wasn’t feeling all that great, we switched the gear to taking the kids to  the Science Center, which is still a lot of fun, but indoor. I talked my hubby into taking the kids without me so I could sleep off my fever and yuckiness, and thankfully he did, but I’m convinced that sleep can fix almost anything that goes wrong. I was also thankful that I had several leftover of these scones hiding in the freezer,because nothing really brightened up a rainy morning than homemade fresh blueberry scone.

zucchini carbonaraHappy Monday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend, and are ready for the week. I’m going to have a shorter work week this week, so I’m pretty thrilled, and ready to get my week started :) I think we’re going to make another mini weekend trip up to Minneapolis for a little shopping (for us!), and some adventures for the kids. One of the many things that Mike and I have in common is that we both love “city-vacation”.  We like a little culture, feast on some new food, and maybe a little lake time. We still haven’t braved ourselves on taking two kids on an airplane, so for now, we’re sticking to destinations that we can reasonably get to with car. I don’t think that we can spend an entire week laying on a beach somewhere, even with plenty of fruity drinks. Maybe good for a day or two, but any more than that, we get pretty restless.
zucchini carbonara 2
Pasta makes a pretty frequent appearance at our dinner table. I don’t think that I ate this much pasta until we had kids. The only exception maybe when we went to Italy five years ago,we ate some sort of pasta every lunch and dinner. The only time that we didn’t have pasta was in the morning, when we had Nutella and some sort of pastry or croissant. With summer in the full swing, I want a quick pasta dish that can be prepared in hopefully less than 45 minutes or so (with prepping time already included), and uses summer’s produce. The more veggies that I can incorporate into the dish, the better it is.I love zucchini and squashes, so I thought this was a really fantastic weeknight dinner. While my daughter may be picking the vegetables off her plates, which then I’d happily gather up the pieces and enjoy them. If you’re looking for something different to make with pasta, give this one a try while zucchinis are still in season.

apricot ice cream Wow, today is the first Monday in August. Yes, that’s right – I had to do a double take when checking my calendar. I always think of this month as the last official month of the summer, and it is quite depressing to think that next month is already September.  I think school will be starting in the next week or two for some kids already. This summer has been pretty rainy and a little bit in the cool side in Iowa (and no complaints from me!), but that didn’t stop me from thinking about whipping a batch of homemade ice-cream! It is a little comical to think that I actually thought about homemade ice-cream, after I read this article that has literally gone viral on the internet. There are several ways you can make ice-cream: using a custard (eggs) based mixture, which is then mixed with pure creamy whole milk, or like this version that I’m making below with whipping cream. As a side note: my heavy-cream based ice cream would have melted every where in 80 degrees weather ;-)
apricot ice cream 2
Homemade ice-cream is pretty simple to make; but just like anything homemade, it just take a little time, and a little planning. For me, the planning came from just even looking for my freezer bowl first, and once I had that sitting in the freezer, I was pretty determined to churn a batch. These apricots came in handy when I saw the organic version of these gorgeous, soft, squishy orange fruits packaged beautifully in a warehouse store that I go to.  There were three dozens total, and I decided to try making a batch. It was creamy, luscious and pretty much like taking a bite into a frozen apricot. It has a little bit of tartness, which I love, against a little bit of sweetness from the sugar and natural apricots flavor. My kids weren’t crazy for this, maybe because it wasn’t as sweet as most other fruit ice-cream that I have made, but Mike and I loved it so much that I decide to use the rest two pounds of the apricots on this ice-cream. I’m excited to have a couple batches of these delightful, rare treats in my freezer for me to dig for our movies night.