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Thank you for visiting my blog, and welcome to my home kitchen in Ankeny, Iowa. My name is Yudith and I am the always hungry gal behind this food blog. I am a Chemical Engineer by degree, with an MBA, and work in Labor Relations field at a major industrial equipment manufacturer during the day.  Kick off your shoes (or sandals), grab yourself a drink and browse around, I hope that you will find some inspirations from my blog to make something delicious for yourself and your family.

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When I first started this blog in the summer of 2008, I was a newlywed living in a Cedar Falls, IA, and wanted to do something creative with my time. At that time, my friend was launching a blog to chronicle her expat experiences, so I decided that I’d  write one as well, and on what topic other than food… after all, I love to eat! I had some basic knowledge and experience in baking and cooking, but boy, I must say that I have came a long way since then. Food has always been on the front center of my life: I grew up with a family who love to eat. Then I met my husband, Mike, who  also loves to eat, and is even a much more adventurous eater than me. Now food is definitely a family affair at our home, with my beloved St. Bernard Charlotte Mae, who’s always going to be my first baby ever. Then of course my two babies: Kennedy and Liam.


This blog has truly became a creative outlet for me and has expanded my network of foodie friends, as well as exposure to different ingredients, recipes, cooking techniques, food and interesting places. This blog has not only captured my successes in the kitchen, but has also documented my life stories in general, as I have grown and experienced different milestones in my life. I definitely never thought that I would write this blog as long as I have, and am grateful for the readers that I have gained as well.  In the past several years, as my knowledge of food has grown, I had also started to be more curious about the sources of my food , which led me to start buying organics. And whenever possible, I always try to support our local producers. If you’re just a foodie (or traveler) like me, drop me a note–I’d love to hear from you and share your adventure.
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